And He Said “Increase”

by:  Pastor Annette Barker, Christian Unity Baptist Church, Bellwood, IL.

I interrupt this regular monthly article to be replace  with one a word from the Lord.  A  couple of Sundays ago as we were in the midst of our giving experience I distantly heard the Lord speak just one single word. “Increase”   Increase is the ability to raise to greater number, quantity or degree or the amount thy which something is increased  I begin to rejoice in my spirit for I knew the Lord wasn’t just speaking on our finances but He was telling us through our giving experience to expect an increase in every are of our lives.  I immediately began to see job promotions, better health reports, restoration in families and yes, the growth and prospering of our church family.
Repeat after me… Increase
Were the words I posted on one of social media pages after this most profound statement had invaded and took up residence in my spirit.  The response was overwhelming!  Not only was it confirmation that God had spoke it but it displayed a sense of strength and faith in people as one by one being to type “INCREASE” .  Which led me to share this prayer with them. 
The Increase Prayer 
After the many replies my response was this:   
I thank & Bless each of you that received this word & spoke it into your lives & the atmosphere… I come in the name is Jesus the great intercessors & supplier of ALL INCREASE as I share & pray this prayer over you & yours.  
Father, I thank You, that as We give Voice to Your Word that You are active and alert to perform it (Jeremiah.1: 12).  And Your angels the mighty ones who follow Your commands are hearkening to the Voice of Your Word (Psalm. 103: 20). I thank You Lord Jesus that You are the High priest over these thy people who have post through confessions of increase and that Your Word has instructed us to call those things that be not as though they are (Romans 4:17), so as I pray these confessions over our lives. I pray a special anointing over every word.  Pour out Your spirit Lord.  Thank You Lord as I declare t the remainder of this year will Prove itself to be  the year where our greatest barriers will come crashing down and a flood of God’s presence will be all around. That Your goodness to be Poured out, and every door that’s been shut will be shut no more. Praise the Lord (Isa.22:22)
I decree, this to be a season of Great Blessings for this spoken word will be our way of life.  There will be increase for ourselves, our  families and all loved ones.  We will experience great explosions and widespread increase in every area of our life (Psalm. 115:14: May the Lord give me increase more and more, me and my children. VS. 12 Thank You Lord that You have been mindful of me, Praise God; You will bless me, You will bless my house and the houses of my children.Thank You Jesus).
That we shall grow in grace, we shall prosper & be in good health.  We shall be the lender & not the borrower.  We shall own houses & land that we did not purchase.  Riches & honor , favor & good success shall be ours.  
Father in Your name & only by Your power I speak increase into the lives of these people whose faith has activated them to post & speak INCREASE in Your name!  Your word declares ALL things are possible to those who believe. Therefore  I speak GREATER!  Greater is coming for you reader!  You shall be abundantly blessed Therefore you shall experience & walk in thee overflow of God’s  abundance.   I speak plenty & more than enough for you & for you to be a blessing to those who God put in your path.   You shall have increase like living streams of water flowing & flowing your way.  You shall give to the poor, reach the lost & be an example of God’s love & your light.  As God’s light you shall shine in dark places and bring sparks of hope wherever you go & in return you shall be blessed in your going & blessed in your coming. EVERYTHING, I said EVERYTHING you touch shall be blessed!  
Father, I thank You that as we speak you are cultivating  multiplying & sending increase. Our latter years are going to be much greater and rewarding than my former years.  In Jesus name I pray & say let the increase begin!