NOW FAITH   –                                                                                                                               by:  Pastor Annette Barker – Christian Unity Baptist Church , Bellwood, IL.

 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrew 11:1

 This Hebrew Scripture leaves no guessing games… The writer is simple and direct to the point.  If it don’t appears to be visible… If it don’t look like you going have rent money… If it don’t appear your loved one is getting well… If you don’t see no way out of your situation…God says keep hoping.  Hope Is merely to believe and believe is to trust.    My Now faith was birth when doctors stated that my 3rd Son may not walk or talk.  Bewildered riding in the car one day God spoke to me by way of an old Milton Bronson  song… it was as if everything all around me went blank…as if all the other cars on the street had pulled over. In my mind the world had just stopped as the woman soloist in illusion called out my name and said…Annette “Take your eyes off what you think you may see and put your trust in me”  After I heard that and it begin to ring in my ear…the world started back and went back to normal as it was…so I thought; but, it actuality it has never been the same because that very moment I took my eyes off a sick deformed child and visualized a healed walking and talking child.   I not only hoped and believed but I actually without a shadow of doubt TRUSTED God to do what others thought to be impossible.   My “Now Faith” is a 22year older walking and talking “I can do all things through Christ healthy handsome young man!  

I encourage you whatever you’re going through TAKE YOUR EYES OFF WHAT YOU THINK YOU MIGHT SEE AND PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD.  For truly “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  YOU CAN’T SEE IT BUT GOD CAN.  TRUST HIM!


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