Revealing & Fulfilling your Purpose

Today’s blog is an intensive recap of our 2016 monthly prayer call & meditation for the month of March.   On the call I shared a word that I believe blessed and empowered listeners to be active and live out their purpose in life.

Prayer Call Topic: “Revealing & Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose”

Purpose is a divine creation.   Being familiar with the creation story… we know in the beginning God made heaven and earth.  He went on to make the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air, and as we stroll on down to Genesis 1:26 we find where God made man.  Now the question is…  Why? Why did he make man/us?  The answer: to have dominion over EVERYTHING HE had just created in the previous verses.   Therefore, one of our purposes in life is to rule and take dominion over that which God gives us.   Not to abuse or misuse it, which is so often done; but to take dominion over that which God has made and placed us over, only to give and bring glory to HIM.  This is another one of our life’s purposes; to bring glory to God in all that we do.      For it was our almighty God who created us, and He created us in His own image, with a purpose in mind.  I often tell people I’m a God idea which means… I’m a good idea!  For everything God made is good!

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created; or for which something exists.  My narrowed down definition is, it’s simply an intention or an objective.    My intentions are to share the gospel by informing and sharing this blog with as many people as I can.  My objective is to alert, to stimulate, to drive and to develop as many as I can to live out their God-given purpose in life.

It’s sad that many of us go through life not knowing or recognizing our purpose in, or for life. Many have become frustrated and disappointed because it seems like so many others have purpose and are actually living their purpose with confidence, joy and complete happiness to the fullest.  Then, there are some not living at all, only existing, frustrated by not knowing what their purpose really is.  This, once again leaves one very confused and frustrated.

The feelings of confusion and frustration are a gift from the enemy that I encourage you to return to sender.  Stop opening the package!  It’s not meant for and doesn’t belong to you.  So just “RTS”  (return to sender)!

You see, the Bible says God is not an author of confusion.  Therefore if you are confused about your purpose, it’s because the enemy wants to distract you.  He only wants to distract you because he knows you have a purpose and he knows your purpose has value.  He also knows once you cash in your value, once you know your worth… he, the enemy, knows he’s a goner! He’s insignificant and no longer necessary to exist in your life ever again.  In other words, when you cash in on your worth you denounce his power!     Meaning, he distracts you by discouraging you.  He discourages you with blaming lack of finances, education, talents or gifts and even time as an excuse for not fulfilling your purpose in life.

If he can distract you he can disappoint you into thinking things like I’m just not good enough, I’m not cut out for this or for that.  No one notices or appreciates what I do anyway so why should I do this or that.  From distractions and disappointments he ultimately plants the seed of doubt which leaves you believing you really weren’t supposed to do what you’re doing anyway and that’s why it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to.  That’s… why you weren’t successful at it.  He’ll plant seeds of doubt and despair that makes you think “I’m just not college material”  “I’m not ready or supposed to get married” “it’s, okay, it’s a lot of single women out there”   “it’s hard being a single parent” “no one will ever like or accept me” “that’s just life” “that promotion wasn’t for me”.  The devil is a liar.  Don’t allow negative thought distractions to enter and control you.  For they will enter, control, and drive you away from the very place God placed you for your purpose.   The devil is a liar!  He’s a deceiver!  Just as we have purpose, so does he.  His purpose is to kill, steal and destroy everything God has gives you. (John 10:10a)   You know what I mean, to stop you from taking dominion over & give God glory in it and for it.   So he lies, he deceives and makes you think the opposite of what God allows you to think or be.    It’s time to prove the devil to be the liar he is.  Don’t believe another lie from him. Live your God-given purpose.  Live on purpose with purpose for purpose.   Live it by seeking the Lord with all your heart, I Chronicles 16:11 says “Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually.” Live it by getting and staying in God’s face.  Ask Him what is your purpose, why are you here.  I guarantee if you ask Him He will reveal it to you.  He’ll show you. (Matthew 7:7 & John 14:14)  Live it by serving the Lord with gladness and coming into His presence with joy for we are His people …. (Psalm 110:2&3)    Live it by being consistent in doing the very thing that makes you happy.  The thing that not only makes you smile but actually makes you kick up your heels, giggle, and just crack up with joy!  It’s the thing you find most rewarding and even after some frustration and disappointments makes you want to do it all over again.  It’s that very thing that makes you tick and makes God smile. Makes you tick so much that it ticks you off if you don’t succeed in it or accomplish it.  That’s your purpose!  It’s to bring life into life and not just your life but those around you.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  Start today, right now… with the agenda and goal to make someone’s day and to please God while doing so! Just step out on your faith and do it! (Hebrew 11:6)  Make someone happy today!  Assist someone in any way you can…expecting nothing back.  I guarantee you, if you focus on that… you will find your purpose, your passion will come forth in you doing that.

Remember, negative thinking leads to negative living and negative living leads to death.  Don’t let the devil win!  Don’t let him kill, steal and destroy what God has given you.  Mamma use to say; “baby, don’t let him take your joy away.”    By doing and thinking the opposite of what the devil wants you to think and do, you are not only living your purpose, you are living God’s purpose for you to have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10b).

Purpose is beyond potential because potential is a probable.  Potential is having the capability to become…purpose is the reason you’ve become.  Therefore purposes are a definite, it’s a sure thing.  Having capability means you may or may not reach the destination.  Purpose is the destination.  It’s your destiny in life, it is who and what you were born for, it’s your who and what you are here for in this life. It’s your purpose!   Sounds crazy but purpose is your purpose.  Purpose is a fulfillment that fully develops our happiness and character.

So you ask, “How do I reveal my purpose?  How do I find out who I am and what I’m supposed to be in life?”  Like I said it’s who we are. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer or Indian chief,  a preacher, teacher, truck driver, dance instructor, horseback rider, professional athlete or mail room clerk; in any of those positions our fulfillment in life will only come by living  out our purpose in life.  It all starts with knowing who you are and whose you are.  Knowing who you are and whose you are starts with having a real, living relationship with the One who brings and gives purpose to our lives: the one and only, true and living God.  Just as we were all born with a measure of faith …we were also born with a measure of purpose.  God created us to worship Him, to bring glory to His name, but it doesn’t just start there in worship and bringing glory.  There must be something that triggers that worship and glory to go forth.    For a song writer it’s hearing a lyric or tune that sparks and turns those sparks into fireworks!  To a soloist it would be striving to hit that perfect pitch. To a teacher it would be to see that one child finally get it and truly succeed in life.  To that homemaker it would be not only having that clean house, but a loving wholesome, well balanced home full of love and laughter and yes, the Holy spirit!  Then they all stand back and take a bow because they did it for a cause, not for applause.  Bowing with joy, not from an audience applauding; but from a deep gratification within them applauding their very own selves for bringing out and actually living out what God created them to do. Hallelujah!

While preparing for March prayer call meditation God lead me to the servant King David.        (I Sam 16) focusing on verse (I Sam 16:10)

Here are a few things you will discover while revealing or un-veiling your purpose.  As you read this chapter you will see where Samuel obeyed the Lord by inviting Jesse to a sacrifice of the Lord to anoint God’s chosen king.  As Samuel arrived he noticed he did not see or feel the presence of the Lord on any of Jesse’s six sons there in the room with them.  He said there must be another one.  Are you the other one?

  1. Your purpose does not always make sense but it will make a difference.

It didn’t make sense for David to be the only one in the field tending to the sheep when he had 6 older brothers in the house.  It didn’t make sense but it did make a difference because God told the prophet to anointed David and not them. It didn’t make sense but it did make a difference because David became king and they didn’t.    Yes, later in the chapters to follow we will see where David had some issues in life…but it was because his purpose in life was so valuable, it help him to get through those issues in life.  That’s why we sometimes go through hell.  That’s why the thing that should have killed you healed you.  That’s why when you should have lost your mind God kept you in your right mind… because you have purpose and your purpose has value.   It’s may not make sense but I guarantee you it will make a difference.

  1. Your purpose is not for everyone to see, but it’s for everyone who sees it.

David’s brothers didn’t see or really care how David was taking care of the sheep.  The only thing that mattered to them was that he did what they didn’t want to do.  They didn’t care how he did it either. However, to the sheep, it mattered.  They saw it and guess what; God saw it!  Don’t let the enemy distract or discourage you in fulfilling or seeking your purpose because your purpose is a process that has a promise.  The enemy will make you think that promise will never be fulfilled.  If it feels like your gift is going unnoticed, know that if no one else is watching or even cares. God cares. HE’s watching and…in due season HE will send someone to the field to take you higher.   So stop worrying about what others don’t see, recognize, or appreciate… just know that what you do has purpose in it, God sees it and just like He did David,  He will Honor you.

  1. Your passion may not always be pleasurable, but it will be profitable.

Say it again, your passion may not always be pleasurable, but it will be profitable.  It will bring value to your life and those God place around you.   David may not have liked getting up at the break of dawn, tending to and cleaning dirty sheep; smelling them all day and then no doubt coming home smelling like them.  I’m sure he didn’t like leaving the field going in unknown directions just to find and bring them back only to do it all over again the very next day; but it had purpose.  That purpose was to keep the sheep, nurture them for producing and production which eventually made a profit.    Therefore David’s passion wasn’t only in what he did; but the outcome of what he did as well.   Your purpose may not always look good, feel good or even smell good; but it is all good, for God will profit your purpose.   It will pay off! Your outcome will be greater!

  1. Obedience can birth purpose.  You may not always see your purpose in the beginning.  For David was only being obedient and tending sheep like he was told to (key: like he was told).  Let’s avoid feeling like or saying “nobody’s going tell me to do anything.” You never know, that just may be the very thing that births your purpose in life.  David’s obedience became a passion and because of his obedience his passion became his purpose.  Which took him from shepherd boy to king.  Can you imagine that…going from shepherd boy to KING!!!…OMG!!! What a mighty God we serve!   God’s word says, if you’re faithful over a few things, I’ll make you ruler over many (Matthew 25:21).   So let’s not despise our humble beginnings.  Someone has to work in the mail room in order for the corporate office to receive the package.  Someone has the wash the dishes in order for the food to be placed on a clean plate.  Your job, your position or even your hobby, has purpose.  Hang in there, remain faithful and most of all be obedient.  Like David, God will expose and elevate you more than you’ve ever imagined because… truly, there is a king in you!
  1. Your purpose in life is not what you do for a living but what you live to do. David didn’t get paid for tending the sheep, but he got up every morning as though he did.  His passion for those sheep was his alarm clock to roll out of bed and go to that very thing that fulfilled him, developed his character, rewarded him with in and brought him even greater rewards later in life.  Truly, in due season… IT PAID OFF BIG TIME!!!

 Final Thought

You’ve got more than potential, you’ve got purpose!

Think right now…What has God placed and what is He constantly placing before you?  What is the outcome of that thing? I know you or someone else will be helped from it if God is in it.    Not just with David, but we can learn from many of our bible pioneers. While Daniel fasted, prayed & sacrificed, Moses simply used what he had in his hand, and Ruth trusted her instincts, stepped out on her faith declaring “Your God will be my God” for she knew deep down inside of her there was something greater than where she was in life.   She went for it.   I say to you, go for it!   Sometimes we don’t always see as Ruth did,  may not be as committed as Daniel, or even feel what’s in your hand is too small to begin; but follow that drive that keeps you going back and pushing for more and better.  Don’t fight the feeling, before you realize it, you will discover there is purpose in it.  I say to you today, stop selling yourself short. You do have purpose in life.  You have a will and a drive to do something great.  Go for it!  Pick up that pen and write, sing that song like you never sang before, and as they say…dance like no one is watching… Go for it!!! Let go and let God!  Stop holding back, if you let go I know God will bring forth and manifest your purpose in life!   Like David, He will honor your obedience and move you higher in life.  What you may think is a small and insignificant assignment will lead to your GREAT God given purpose in life!  Go for it! You’ve got purpose!

Prayer for purpose on purpose:

Father God, we thank you for life and life more abundantly.  As we realize you created us for a purpose, we ask that you release the courage in us to walk in and live out Your purpose for our lives.    As we live to honor and bring glory to Your name, Lord enable us to take dominion over that which You have given us and move far beyond our potential and walk in our purpose on purpose with purpose.


Know that God has a purpose for you, and while your purpose does not always make sense, it will make a difference.

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Thank you,

May God bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.  May He lift up a consciousness upon you and give you peace.  Numbers 6:24                                               Pastor Annette